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Taking Care of Our Water  It's all about stewardship

Pledge today to protect Clean Water! 

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stewardship courses when you make your pledge.

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How Green Are You?

This quick quiz will rate how GREEN your daily activities are for Michigan. The results will provide your "green score" and offer suggestions for the topics you may wish to start with. take this short survey

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Environmental Campus -
free online Stewardship Courses!

Many water quality and environmental topics are listed here. Not sure where to start? Take the "How Green Are You?" quiz above for suggestions. see courses now
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Become a Michigan Steward

You Can’t Do Everything but Everyone Can Do Something! Find out how right here. become a steward


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WOW Water Facts & Fun

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Easy-to-find resources for educators on a wide range of environmental topics. These materials are for a variety of ages from pre-school to adult.

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Hands-on activities for discovery learning and to enhance instruction may be found here.
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Lesson Plans

Complete lesson plans listed by grade and age group and cross referenced by topic. Lesson plans list the current Michigan GLCEs.
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Resources such as environmental videos, music, ready-to-use presentations and publications to use as found or customize for your needs.
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water pouring into hands and the link to Learn About Our Water Learn About Our Water
Find out how you fit into the Great Lakes water systems
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Water Cycles
Discover how water is recycled over and over again...
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Why is stormwater such a problem in Michigan?

Michigan Water Stewardship Program

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